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A month ago I posted a new intro-to-rdf article (and, btw, thanks for 
all of the suggestions).  The problem I was trying to fix is that, as 
far as I've seen, we need to do a much better job of explaining to the 
outside world just why RDF is so simple and useful.  We're not going to 
reach a Semantic Web any time soon unless more people know about and 
understand RDF.

Part of the problem is a lack of an obvious place people can turn to 
learn about RDF.  All of the good articles are scattered, or worse yet 
lost in blog archives. is good as a reference, but not a 
starting place.  An would be nice, but alas...

Encouraged by the feedback I got on the article, I figured I might as 
well create such a website.  So I did.  Announcing:

The name is of course a reference to the RDF/XML attribute rdf:about 
( works too).

There's not too much on the site yet.  But suggestions are most welcome. 
  I would like to add articles on inferencing, SPARQL, design issues 
(like issues around URIs, smushing, tractability of related problems), 
brief tutorials for a few toolkits, etc.  If anyone has written about 
these things before and would like to resurrect an old blog entry as an 
accessible article, for instance, please let me know.

- Joshua Tauberer

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