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I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on how suitable this
approach might be with Atom/OWL [1]. This is basically the Atom
syndication modelled in RDF/OWL (work in progress, expect a
request-for-feedback post to list sometime soon). There is already a
lot of scope with Atom for validation at the syntax level, but I've
been playing a little with validation at the model level using OWL
constraints (some notes at [2]). I anticipate this will be pretty
limited compared to the syntax stuff, but thought it could be useful
for ensuring some level of sanity for Atom data when in the RDF/OWL
world. (A particular variety of app I envisage is an Atom Store built
on a triplestore, so it would have sources/sinks of Atom
format/protocol). If I understand correctly, the Schemarama approach
could take this even further towards the constraints given in the Atom
spec. Does that make sense?




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