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Call for papers: K-Cap Workshop on Integrating Ontologies

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K-Cap Workshop on Integrating Ontologies
October 2, 2005 in Banff, Canada


The Integrating Ontologies workshop will bring together researchers 
and application developers from the area of ontology software 
interoperability. Its goal is to promote the exchange of knowledge, 
ideas, and future challenges for handling multiple competing 
ontologies. The workshop will facilitate methodological and technical 

For many domains, a variety of ontologies have been engineered, 
learned, and extended. Each is an interface for a similar purpose yet 
uses different nomenclatures. To enable collaboration within and 
across application domains, software agents require transparency 
between the various formalisms. This requires both semantic alignment 
and syntactical translation. Purely manual approaches are 
error-prone, onerous, and insufficient to support the vision of 
dynamic systems interoperability. However, recent research in data 
model alignment exploits "meaning" that is explicit and implicit in 
ontologies and schemas. Consequently, if heterogeneity can be 
mitigated with minimal use of standards by way of partially or fully 
automated alignment, then the interoperability of and for commercial, 
non-profit, military, and government systems will be simplified and 
improved. This workshop will exhibit new approaches to alignment, 
translation, and other methods that promise to help fulfil the vision 
of the Semantic Web.


The one-day workshop will consist of the three components:
- Research presentations will feature the latest efforts for ontology 
alignment and mapping described in reviewed papers;
- Tool demonstrations will display alignment-empowered tools in action;
- Ontology alignment contest results will be presented.  The contest 
will benchmark tools against prearranged ontology pairs.  Some pairs 
will be synthesized by the organizers of this workshop and some will 
be taken from the real world.  Collectively, they will challenge the 
limits of the alignment algorithms. A separate call will be issued 
for the contest.


The main topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- ontology/schema alignment and matching
- ontology/schema mapping and transformation
- ontology/schema merging and integration
- ontology/schema mediation and reconciliation
- reuse of knowledge from disparate sources (text, user input, etc.) 
for ontology alignment
- automatic and semi-automatic approaches
- mapping languages
- applications for and tools based on alignment
- integration within larger applications
- evaluation approaches
- translation of information between heterogeneous sources


Paper submission deadline: July 15, 2005
Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2005
Camera ready deadline: September 2, 2005
Workshop: October 2, 2005


Interested authors should submit an electronic PDF version of their 
papers to Marc Ehrig (email: ehrig@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de) prior to 
the submission deadline. The first page of submitted papers should 
include: title, author names, affiliations, and electronic mail 
addresses for all authors. Full-paper submissions should not exceed 
eight pages, including title page and abstract. Alternatively, people 
can submit a two-page short paper describing the technology they 
would like to demonstrate, or a two-page position paper on current 
ongoing research. Papers should be formatted according to the 
guidelines of the main conference (http://www.kcap05.org/).

Organizing Committee

Benjamin Ashpole, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab, 
Marc Ehrig (main contact), University of Karlsruhe, ehrig@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de
Jrme Euzenat, INRIA Rhne-Alpes, jerome.euzenat@inrialpes.fr
Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, heiner@cs.vu.nl

Program Committee (to be completed)

Dean Allemang (TopQuadrant Inc.)
Jos de Bruijn (DERI Innsbruck)
Oscar Corcho (Univesity of Manchester)
Christine Golbreich (University Rennes 1)
Lewis Hart (Applied Minds)
Todd Hughes (Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs)
Ryutaro Ichise (NII, Tokyo)
Yannis Kalfoglou (University of Southampton)
Natasha Noy (Stanford University)
Amit Sheth (University of Georgia and Semagix)
Pavel Shvaiko (University of Trento)
Michael Sintek (DFKI, Kaiserslautern)
Umberto Straccia (CNR)
York Sure (University of Karlsruhe)
Mike Ushold (Boeing Corp.)
Petko Valtchev (DIRO, Universit de Montral)
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