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ANN: Gnowsis alpha release 0.8.2 (with SPARQL support)

From: Leo Sauermann <leo@gnowsis.com>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 17:24:21 +0100
Message-ID: <42838335.60504@gnowsis.com>
To: SWIG <semantic-web@w3.org>

Again gnowsis has advanced and the 0.8.2 release contains some 
interesting features, including a Joseki and SPARQL server and some 

We are aware of the current movement towards sparql and have added 
SPARQL as a protocol to gnowsis using the ARQ/Joseki implementation. 
This can now be used in parallel to the existing URIQA interface, that 
has already been used by developers to talk to gnowsis. The gluecode 
connecting the two is still ugly, we expect that interested individuals 
and the ongoing SPARQL discussions will help on this one.

Basically, gnowsis is a Semantic Desktop framework that integrates 
heterogenous data sources (files, outlook, imap servers, etc..) into a 
queryable and linkable RDF framework. It is programmed in Java and 
extends Jena. You can use it as a very big code sample of how to use 
Jena, install it and browse your own filesystem as an RDF graph, extract 
Concise Bounded Descriptions of resources and be happy with all the RDF.
Gnowsis is released under a BSD license and you are free to extend it.

The 0.8.2 release is mainly a bugfix and enhancement release of 0.8.1. 
We will now distribute gnowsis more frequently and move from our private 
cvs to a public visible subversion soon.

download gnowsis here: <http://www.gnowsis.org/Download>

Changelog of 0.8.2:

    * a new Joseki Server. Joseki is added using the hot joseki3 version
      from the latest CVS from sourceforge. Expect to make SERQL
      queries. documentation follows
    * the service concepts has been improved
    * gnowsis uses now Jena Modelmakers in central places. This allows
      to configure the search and central repository services to run
      either on database or on file models, in the future also NG4J
    * Client interfaces made better.

What misses is decent documentation of the new features. If you are 
willing to contribute, please contact leo@gnowsis.com

If you are interested in gnowsis, don't hesitate to contact me,
may rdf:Resource be with you.

Leo Sauermann
Received on Thursday, 12 May 2005 16:24:46 UTC

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