Re: tagtriples

Hi Richard,

Richard Newman writes:
 > Phil,
 >    Looks very cool! One question popped into my head: given that you 
 > were starting this without strict dependency on RDF, why 'tagtriples' 
 > rather than 'tagquads'? It strikes me that, given your goals of 
 > graph-centricity and exchange/aggregation, provenance/source/context 
 > would be high on the list.

I suppose I called it tagtriples because the user works with s,p,o
triples. The graph portion is pretty hidden away at the moment (unless
you're an administrator) so it made sense to call it triples.

Actually if I was going to include graphs in a human-writable
serialization it probably wouldn't use quads - I suspect braces around
the triples (a la trig named-graphs[1]) would be the most intuitive

Actually I didn't give much thought to the name ;-)




Received on Wednesday, 23 March 2005 20:02:21 UTC