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Re: Tag ontology RFC

From: Marja Koivunen <marja@annotea.org>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 09:53:38 -0500
Message-ID: <424182F2.5050407@annotea.org>
To: Richard Newman <r.newman@reading.ac.uk>
CC: Seth Russell <russell.seth@gmail.com>, semantic-web@w3.org, Danny Ayers <danny.ayers@gmail.com>

Richard Newman wrote:

> Danny, Seth, sw@w3:
>   I've thrown together an early draft of a tag ontology. There's 
> nothing synset-ey in there yet (other than using SKOS ConceptSchemes), 
> but it all ties gently in with the SKOS vocab. I'd be looking to 
> extend this integration if possible.
>   Danny, your email re the WordPress plugin was very interesting; I 
> think it follows through with this, in that you could do the following:
> <item rdf:about=" ... ">
>   <dc:subject>Programming</dc:subject>
>   <tags:taggedWithTag rdf:resource=" 
> ...my/personal/url/or/delicious/... /tag/programming" />
>   <!-- or even mangle it a bit by still using dc:subject! -->
> </item>
> and in the tags RDF...
> <Tag rdf:about="#programming">
>   <tagName>Programming</tagName>
>   <!-- whatever SKOS properties you'd like to use; it's a subclass of 
> Concept.
>        I'd like a better way of doing names; SKOS doesn't quite work, 
> as prefLabel and
>        altLabel don't capture the intended semantics. -->
> </Tag>
>   I'd love some (preferably constructive, but any kind will do!) 
> feedback from interested parties; blog it, mail me, or mail to the 
> list. Everything's on the Web:
> RDF/XML: <http://www.holygoat.co.uk/owl/redwood/0.1/tags/>
> "hidden" N3 version: 
> <http://www.holygoat.co.uk/owl/redwood/0.1/tags/tags.n3>
>   The first URL should be persistent (though the ontology contents are 
> in flux, of course); the second one should stick around too.
>   Cheers,
> -R
I'm not sure what you need exactly but maybe the Annotea topics could 
help here too? They are simple and users can create, publish and share 
them  easily. For instance, 
http://www.annotea.org/mozilla/testdada/tags.rdf has some tag topics 
that can be presented with Annotea Ubimarks e.g. in a topic hierarchy 

Topics can also be related to other topics, so this is a way to make 
connections to other people's tags if so wished.

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