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On 21 Mar 2005, at 09:31, Danny Ayers wrote:

> On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 16:39:01 +0100, Leo Sauermann <> 
> wrote:
>> We are using jena in a semi-commercial application and have to do 
>> simple
>> RDF/S inferencing on subclasses and subproperties.
> Any idea what algorithms are fast for this part of inferencing? I bet
> there's something generic (non-RDF) that's fast and crude.

That might be an idea. I'd be interested in seeing what Leo wants. I've 
been using custom rules (and the jena rules engine) rather than full 
rdfs since that's all I needed. Memory usage was the issue in my case 
- -- indeed that might impact speed significantly (garbage collector 
working desperately to free up space).

>> Question:
>> What inference engine can be plugged into Jena smoothely?
> Offhand, I'm not sure, but there are lots of Prolog engines around for
> Java, and one or two Rete engines. Actually I'd be surprised if
> someone *hadn't* already got these plugged into Jena.

The jena forward-chaining reasoner is an implementation of Rete, btw.

I believe you can also plug in Jess [1] (iirc), but the licence may not 
be suitable. Anything supporting DIG can be plugged in [2]. I wonder if 
Euler [3] can be used?

> Probably worth trying the Jena mailing list ;-)



[1] Jess:
[2] Jena and DIG:
[3] Euler:
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