RE: true/false in RDF?

> The main benefit is that the Resource doesn't
> need multiple types

Mine doesn't need multiple types.  In fact, it doesn't need any types at

> urn:mystuff:cacheObj-1 urn:myterms:dateCached
> "2005:03:16:22:47 +0000"

Wow, I can just check to see if dateCached is defined!  What possible
use is it to pollute your data with:

> urn:mystuff:cacheObj-1 rdf:type
> urn:myterms:CachedObject

When you have dateCached already?

This whole strong-typed concept is mystifying me; it seems people cannot
restrain themselves from injecting Java class hierarchy concepts into
everything even when they do not need it or use it (the same problem
with XSD, BTW).  Class hierarchy seems like a mental virus that takes
over our brains.

Received on Wednesday, 16 March 2005 23:12:46 UTC