Re: true/false in RDF?

I am not too familar with N3 notation about datatype, therefore I provide my example in RDF/XML

<rdf:Description rdf:about="http://foobar/page.html" xmlns:myterms="urn:myterms">
  <myterms:isCached rdf:datatype="">true</myterms:isCached>

We have typed literal already. Why do you still consider object value?

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  Subject: true/false in RDF?

  I've decided that I want to use URI object values for my Boolean triples, rather than the literals "true/false".  In other words, instead of:

  http://foobar/page.html  urn:myterms:isCached   "true"

  I want to use:

  http://foobar/page.html  urn:myterms:isCached

  I can find zero examples of the latter; only the former.  But I think the latter is right.  Why am I wrong?

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