Re: Ontology for Contact Info

On Monday 07 March 2005 21:44, Karl Dubost wrote:
> Names at a more detailed level than name is also a nightmare for
> multicultural issues.
Indeed it is - and even name itself is tricky, with "what I'm called" being 
dependant on the situation.

> * Names also change in time in some cultures.
> * First Name, Last Name is not the only way of having names
Right, and then there are the prefixes, suffixes, etc. - some of which are 
sometimes part of another part of the name.

> I remember a long discusssion about it on rdfweb mailing list when it
> was about defining foaf:name.
Yep, it's been doing the rounds there quite a bit. In fact, these two issues 
are ones I've discussed with Dan Brickley a few times, hoping that it would 
be possible to get some organisation to take on the standards work needed to 
get us to a 95% solution (anything more than that is impossible, I think).
I don't know how to get it started though...


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