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Reasoning capabilities of an OWL Reasoner

From: Carlos F. Enguix <carlos.enguix@deri.org>
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 02:02:58 +0100
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Dear All:

According to some slides I have been reading about Racer, Racer allows the
following reasoning services:
 * Consistency of class descriptions
 * Subsumption between classes
 * Taxonomy of class names (classification)
 * Consistency of individual descriptions
 * Find classes that match known instances

I assume that as a minimum a reasoner for OWL should be capable of detecting
inconsistent transitive relationships, inconsistent inverse functional
properties, inconsistent functional properties and so on.

For a person who is not a logician and does not know DL can anybody cite
more explicitly which are the types of class inconsistencies and property
inconsistencies (including domain and range, cardinality restrictions and so
on) that normally a reasoner supports?

I include a list of possible inconsistencies:

Class/subclass hierarchies
Disjointness of classes
Equivalence of classes
Transitive relationships
Property hierarchies
Domain and range property definitions
Nonsensical types and datatypes
Violation of functional properties
Nonsensical inverse properties
Violation of inverse functional properties
Nonsensical symmetric and asymmetric properties
Nonsensical cardinality restrictions     
Mutual exclusion and so on


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