Re: Atom RDF/OWL models


I have yet another Atom2RDF XSLT which transforms all Atom 1.0 feeds listed
on AtomKnownFeeds at Atom Wiki to valid RDF (at least, as of today ;-). See .

Essentially, this transformation regards all Atom elements (except
atom:feed) as property, and uses rss:channel and rss:item for node types.
These nodes are given URIs from one of their atom:link child nodes. Child
nodes of atom:content are treated as plain literal or XMLLiteral according
to its @type value.

There is no corresponding schema so far, but it'd not be too difficult to
construct one, I guess.

I also tried to write another XSLT that transforms ordinary Atom 1.0 feed
to an Atom-RDF hybrid as danbri suggested, but it turns out to be quite
difficult, mainly because atom:content requires @type attribute in order to
process its content appropriately. Without this attribute the feed is not
valid, but this conflicts with RDF/XML syntax...


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