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RE: Vocabulary for System Interactions

From: David Price <david.price@eurostep.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 15:42:27 -0000
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Actually, there's a community in this domain working on standards that
combine Architecture Frameworks (e.g. US DoDAF), UML-based diagramming
techniques (OMG's SysML) and ISO data exchange standards (ISO STEP AP233
Systems Engineering) for integration with other approaches. An ontology
supporting this work is on our roadmap.


See http://www.exff.org/papers.html where you can find a presentation called

"Using Systems Engineering Data Standards with DoDAF" (warning it's 4MB) to
get the general idea.


I can send you more information if it's of interest. DoDAF System View 1 and
2 sound like a good place for you to start. I'll send an example diagram





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Is there a vocabulary for system interactions?


I need to document that, say, System A talks to System B

(bi-directional) using MQ. Or that System C sends a weekly batch file

to System D.


What I would ideally want is 

a) Identify systems (its name, owner etc)

b) Identify system's technology (Mainframe, Java, .Net, etc)

c) Identify inbound, outbound and bidirectional communication from

this system. (the direction of data flow, the frequency, the

technology used, and the kind of data)

d) Identify any sub-systems.


And if there is such a vocabulary, is there any software that help

display it visually?




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