Re: Statements about statements -- Help needed!

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> The reification approach would likely be a good bet.
>  I've worked up a quick example, working from content in your model  
> draft (
> NAR/1.0/specification/DRAFT-NAR_1.0-spec-Model_12.pdf ) and an example  
> in the RDF Primer.
>  Here's how it might look (fragmentary, of course):
>  random:triple1 rdf:type    rdf:Statement .
> random:triple1 rdf:subject   random:item42 .
> random:triple1 rdf:predicate   newsml:provider .
> random:triple1 rdf:object   ""^^xsd:string .
> random:triple1 newsml:confidence  "0.4"^^xsd:float .

Earlier drafts of EARL actually took this approach. While it is  
functionally pretty similar, we moved away from it because it seemed just  
a tiny bit more complex to explain, and it really got quite complicated if  
you wanted to talk about a set of statements.



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