CMS: an ontology mapping system

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Dear Colleagues and SW practitioners,

We would like to announce a new tool for ontology mapping: CMS (CROSI 
Mapping System). CMS was developed in the context of the HP-funded CROSI 
project. The HP Jena-powered CMS is a multi-matcher, ontology mapping 
system which allows to combine different alignment algorithms for the 
purpose of ontology mapping.

The system is distributed as an open source software for interested 
practitioners of ontology mapping and can be downloaded from:

A brief description of the system can be found in:

A description of the project that delivered CMS, CROSI, is available here:

We kindly appreciate your feedback or input you may have for advancing 
the state-of-the-art in ontology mapping technologies.

The CROSI team,

Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2005 04:39:23 UTC