CATCH/CHIP project Ph.D. student opening

CHIP -- Cultural Heritage Information Personalization.

The Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and
the Telematica Instituut seek for the CHIP project a Ph.D. student for
a period of four years.  The student will work 60% at the Rijksmuseum
and receive a diploma from the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.
Given this bridging between cultural heritage and academic science, we
seek a student with both and appreciation of art and history and
expertise in computer science, user interfaces and interaction, and
the Semantic Web.

The CHIP project explores how to enrich interaction with Dutch
cultural heritage represented with Semantic Web technology. It aims to
lead each visitor through virtual Dutch culture in a manner adapted to
him or her. The CHIP project will apply its adaptive information
access techniques to the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

Research will include the presentation of digitized cultural artefacts
in combination with background information about them, navigation by
means of links that artefacts, collections and artists have with each
other, and personalization at the individual and group level.

The CHIP project is a part of the CATCH program administered by the
NWO.  All CATCH projects collectively aim to bridge cultural heritage
and computer science in order to help build the general technical
infrastructure for cultural heritage preservation and distribution in
the Netherlands. It applies Semantic Web technology to unite both the
tools and data from the separate projects.

Applicants must possess a Dutch diploma as a doctorandus (drs.),
engineer (ir., not ing.) or M.Sc. or an equivalently foreign diploma
in Computer Science or another related field, with specialization in
computer systems. They should have demonstrated interest in
documentary information and on-line circulation of information. The
Ph.D. student will have an appointment at the Technische Universiteit

The Ph.D. student will work under supervision of Dr. Lloyd Rutledge

Candidates can send their application letters and CVs to
Prof. Dr. Paul de Bra <> and Dr. Lora Aroyo

More information:
- http://www.chip

Received on Thursday, 1 December 2005 09:27:23 UTC