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We are less than a month from MobQuitous 2004 now!!! Early
registration deadlines (hotel and conference) are coming up:
July 24 and July 31!

We hope to see you in beautiful Boston!

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************************ CALL FOR PARTICIPATION **************************

                            MobiQuitous 2004

             The First Annual International Conference on
        Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Networking and Service

   August 22-26, 2004, Royal Sonesta Hotel, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

  Held in cooperation with AAAI, IEEE Computer Society, ACM SIGMOBILE
                   and the European Union IST program


MobiQuitous 2004 is the first of a series of annual conferences focusing
on the latest research in the rapidly growing area of mobile and
ubiquitous computing. The combination of mobile and ubiquitous computing
is emerging as a promising new paradigm with the goal to provide computing
and communication services all the time, everywhere, transparently and
invisibly to the user, using devices embedded in the surrounding physical
environment. In this context, the communication devices, the objects with
which they interact, or both, may be mobile. The implementation of such a
paradigm requires advances in wireless networking technologies and
devices, development of infrastructures supporting cognitive environments,
and discovery and identification of ubiquitous computing applications and
services. The First Annual International Conference on Mobile and
Ubiquitous Systems: Networking and Services will cover all these aspects,
representing a forum where practitioners and researchers coming from the
many areas involved in ubiquitous solutions design and deployment will be
able to interact, exchanging the cross-layer experiences needed to build
the overall ubiquitous systems. Areas addressed by the conference include:
applications, service-oriented computing, middleware, networking, agents,
knowledge management and databases.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Prof. Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Carnagie Mellon University.
"Seamless Mobility on Ubiquitous Hardware."

INVITED SPEAKER: Dr. Hamid Ahmadi, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center.
"Intelligent Service Oriented Networking Paradigm."

TECHNICAL PROGRAM: 47 papers have been accepted for presentation and for
publication in the conference proceedings. The advance program can be
found online at the conference web page.

TUTORIALS AND PANELS: Four half-day tutorials (Security in public wireless
networks, Location discovery in ubiquitous computing and sensor networks,
Ontologies and semantic web for mobile and pervasive computing, and Energy
conservation in ad hoc networks) and three panels (featuring topics such
as the state-of-the-art and the potential for future developments in
mobile and ubiquitous computing, and the mobile/ubiquitous computing
security) will complement the technical program.

WORKSHOPS: A-SWAN Workshop (AlgorithmS for Wireless And mobile Networks),
P2PKM 2004 Workshop (The First International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer
Knowledge Management), PSPT 2004 Workshop (First Workshop on Pervasive
Security, Privacy and Trust), SANPA 2004 Workshop (Second International
Workshop on Sensor and Actor Network Protocols and Applications) will be
held in conjunction with the main conference.

DEMOS: The demo sessions will include more than a dozen demonstrations
featuring technologies that enable the wired and wireless networking
infrastructure for ubiquitous computing along with applications that
showcase novel user experiences in environments of complex but invisible
computing infrastructure.

VENUE: A block of rooms has been reserved at the Royal Sonesta Hotel
Boston (Cambridge) at 5 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02142-1299 for
Conference participants. Please make your hotel arrangements early in
order to insure getting a room at the special conference rate. If making
your reservations by phone, you will need to mention that you are a
participant of the “MobiQuitous Conference” to receive the special,
discounted conference price ($139 for a single or double room).
Individuals can make their reservations by calling the Sonesta
reservations department at +1-617-806-4200.

  Discounted Hotel Reservation Deadline 	July 24th, 2004
  Early Registration Deadline 			July 31st, 2004
  Conference Dates 				August 22-26, 2004

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