looking for a good product name

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, my company, Immuexa, is developing two related 
software products that use semantic web technology, one web application 
called Storymill (tm) and one desktop application which we're now 
trying to name.    See "the lowdown" below for a brief description of 
what the programs do.

First a little history.   In december, our name for the desktop 
application was Akimbo, but on the SAME DAY we announced the name, 
another company (headed by the guy who brought us ReplayTV) announced 
their use of the name Akimbo, which had been previously filed for.  Our 
trademark lawyer said, "Back off", so we lost the name.  For more on 
this, see:


We then spent five weeks trying to think up a new name, coming up with 
137 candidates and finally settling on "Waveplace".   Again, the SAME 
DAY we announced the name, another company called "Wavemarket" demo'ed 
their "WaveIQ" series, with "WaveBlog", "WaveSpotter", and "WaveAlert". 
   This time our trademark lawyer said we could still use Waveplace, but 
we're now leaning away from it because of potential brand confusion.  
For more on this, see:


So we're at it again, looking for a good name for the companion product 
to Storymill.  Any naming suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  
We'd like to use wading bird imagery for the illustrations, calling to 
mind estuaries ... where the river meets the sea.  Words in foreign 
languages are okay.  One contender is "Estero" ... let us know if you 
have a negative reaction to this (particularly if you speak other 
languages than English).

Anything that brings to mind the ideas on the following web page would 
be terrific:


Now, here's the lowdown.   Any name we choose should fit nicely into 
the spots marked <name>.


<name> lets you collect, organize, describe, and browse your personal 
memories, such as digital photographs, movies, sound clips, and 
stories.  With <name>, you can tell the who, what, where, and, when of 
it, using semantic web tagging technology.  You can then browse through 
your memories semantically, with one thing suggesting another, and 
another. Looking at a photo of Katie on vacation at the beach in 2002, 
you can then look at other photos of Katie, or other vacation photos, 
or other beach photos, or other 2002 photos.  <name> lets you share 
these memories instantly by transmitting them to friends and family 
using a familiar "instant messaging" interface. Friends and family can 
then chat with each other while viewing the same photos at the same 
time. These chats can become part of the history behind the 
photo/movie/text. People can also use <name> to upload their memories 
to Storymill, the companion website product, which would then let 
others view them with a web browser.  Storymill is also used for 
private offsite archiving, so you never lose your memories (at least 
not the digital ones!).

Received on Friday, 27 February 2004 10:52:36 UTC