KRDB'03 Second Call for Papers

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		    10th International Workshop on 


		Hamburg (Germany), September 15-18, 2003

                            With a focus on:
                 Knowledge Representation and Databases 
                          for the Semantic Web

			In conjunction with:
      KI 2003 (26th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence)


----------- Call for papers

The 10th International KRDB Workshop continues the tradition of annual
international workshops devoted to facilitate cross-fertilization
between the fields of knowledge representation (KR) and databases (DB),
started in 1994. KRDB-2003 will be held in Hamburg (Germany), 
September 2003, as a workshop of the 26th German Conference on
Artificial Intelligence (KI-2003), see

KRDB is a forum for exchanging ideas between DB and KR researchers. 
Equally important is the KRDB tradition of stimulating the discussion
between researchers and practitioners. As every year, KRDB 2003 
focusses on a selected topic.

----------- Topic

Databases have always been a very important issue for the World Wide
Web, and, conversely, the WWW has stimulated interesting research on
databases, for example in the area of semi-structured data. Due to the
recent and immense interest in the semantic web initiative, knowledge
representation has also gained a considerable amount of attention by
the WWW community, and the pollinating impact of this fact on research
in knowledge representation is already clearly visible. For these
reasons, the focus of KRDB-2003 is on 

    Knowledge Representation and Databases for the World-Wide Web.

For the workshop, we thus solicit contributions that address the
interplay between knowledge representation and databases, particularly
in contexts related to the World-Wide Web. Specific issues we would
like to discuss are:

 * Languages and techniques required to support a semantic web
 * Construction and maintenance of large ontologies for use in the WWW
 * Web service modeling and declarative web service retrieval
 * Context adaption, user models, and adaptive web systems
 * Query languages for the Web and semi-structured data
 * Data modeling and typing for XML and semi-structured data

We also solicit submissions that concern the relationship of knowledge
representation and databases, but do not fall inside this year's
selected topic.

----------- Program Committee

 * Alex Borgida      (Rutgers University, New Jersey)
 * Stefan Conrad     (University of Duesseldorf, Germany)
 * Enrico Franconi   (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
 * Nicola Henze      (University of Hannover, Germany)
 * Bertin Klein      (DFKI, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
 * Ralf Kuesters     (Stanford University, USA)
 * Gerhard Lakemeyer (RWTH Aachen, Germany)
 * Massimo Marchiori (University of Venice, Italy)
 * David Toman       (University of Waterloo, Canada)
 * Gottfried Vossen  (University of Muenster, Germany)

----------- Organizing Committee
Francois Bry (University of Munich, Germany)

Carsten Lutz (TU Dresden, Germany)
Ulrike Sattler (TU Dresden, Germany)

Mareike Schoop (RWTH Aachen and University of Muenster, Germany)

----------- Important Dates

      Paper Submission Deadline June 23, 2003
      Acceptance Notification July 18, 2003
      Final Version Due  August 15, 2003
      The Workshop  September 15-18, 2003 (one day only)

----------- Proceedings
The workshop proceedings will be electronically published in the CEUR
series of workshop proceedings at

At the workshop, a hard copy of the proceedings will be handed out to
the participants.

----------- Information for authors

Your submission should be no longer than 12 pages formatted
according to the example LaTeX file available at

Please avoid headers, footers, and page numbering. 

Submissions should be sent by June 23, 2003 as self-contained
standard Postscript attachments to:

----------- Registration Information

Participants can choose to register for KRDB-2003 and the main KI-2003
Conference (210,- Euros) or to register only for the KRDB workshop
(60,- Euros). In either case, registration is via the official KI-2003
webpage, and the official KI-2003 deadlines apply.

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