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GREGORY J. MASLEY, Network Engineer – CNA, CNE, MCSE 
10 years experience in computer support for Fortune 500 companies
2339 East Santa Clara #D Santa Ana CA 92705 
phone (714)541 - 0585 cell (714) 928 - 3566

Open to contract, consulting, temporary and full-time computer and network
support opportunities in Orange County, California and Colorado Springs,
Colorado. Please call or e-mail for availability and rates.

Dedicated hard working individual with strong technical abilities and
people skills.  Ten years experience in Southern California.  Proven
success coordinating previously acquired management, operations and people
skills with technical knowledge to benefit the company.

Systems: IBM, Compaq, Toshiba and compatible PC’s and servers
Languages: Visual BASIC, BASIC, COBOL, FORTRAN, SQL, Oracle  and DBASE
Operating Systems:  DOS, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows 3.11, Novell
and UNIX, Windows  2000
Communications/Networks: Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, Frame Relay, TCP/IP,
Hardware: IBM PC’s, PS/2 and compatibles, networks (servers, workstations,
bridges, gateways, routers, switches, hubs, printservers, faxservers),
CAD/CAM Systems, printers, multimedia components and peripherals
Applications: MS Office, MS Mail, Word Perfect Lotus (CCMail, Notes,
1-2-3), ACT, Q & A, MS Exchange, Intralink, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, MAPICS,
Rhumba, Reflections

MASLEY AND ASSOCIATES, Newport Beach, CA    1987-Present
Computer Consultant
•    Installed, repaired, trained, upgraded and maintained PC’s and
networks for major Southern California companies including: Capitol
Records, Unihealth Insurance, Fuji Bank, UNOCAL 76 Products, Price
Company, Mellon Financial, Mallinckrodt Medical, Shiley Medical, AJS
Accounting Service, Online Connecting Point, Sandpiper Computer, Nadek,
ARC and Manpower Technical.  Installed, repaired systems and networks for
ARC and Manpower Technical
•    Responsible for system configuration, communications, installation
and configuration of software applications, operating system upgrades and
hardware. Computer hardware troubleshooting, repair, configuration and
installation of IBM PC’s, PS/2 and compatibles, Novell and Microsoft
Networks (gateways, bridges, routers, cabling and network interface
cards), CAD/CAM Systems, tape backup systems, monitors, controller and
adapter cards, printers, multimedia components and peripherals.
problems with Virtual Private Networks(VPN's). - Experience with Routers. -
Experience troubleshooting TCP/IP related issues. - 10 years experience
with Microsoft NT. - Experience with large scale LAN/WAN & Host
environments. - Experience troubleshooting Satellites, LAN/WAN, modems
issues. - Escalate and handle data communication failures or degradation.

MALLINCKRODT MEDICAL, Irvine, CA    1994-1999
Network Administrator
•    Projects included the development, implementation, training and sole
daily support for a 200-user network. The replacement of Novell based
Microsoft and CCMail servers with Windows NT based Exchange servers. 
Development of a Windows NT RAS server for remote access to e-mail and the
AS400’s and a Windows NT SQL server for access to databases.
•    Responsible for complete support, repair, upgrades, installation,
maintenance and training on all hardware and software applications for 200
network end users.  Sole technical support, training and administration of
Windows NT, Back Office, Exchange and RAS, as well as Client Access issues
to the AS400’s in MAPICS, JD Edwards, Rumba and Reflections.

COMPUTER SUPPORT NETWORK, Huntington Beach, CA    1993-1994
General Manager
Responsible for hardware and software system configuration, installation,
repair and maintenance on Microsoft and Novell networks, PC’s and printers. 
•    Supervised a staff of seven computer and network technicians, managed
daily company operations and client accounts. Designed, configured, quoted
and installed Novell networks and PC systems.  Sourced vendors and
provided on-site and telephone technical support on PC and network
hardware and software.

California State University, Fullerton College of Higher Education,
Anaheim, CA
Novell Certified Network Administrator, Novell Certified Network Engineer,
 Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
(Graduated in the top 20 out of 369 students)

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