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Summary of technical decisions, XSLT WG telcon 2016-11-10

From: Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 16:33:02 +0000
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8. Spec bugs

29482 [XSLT30] Focus-changing constructs
     Continue discussion

§§ Note the incorrect link.

§§ DECISION / ACTION – close as won't fix. (Although this is streamable in principle, we won't extend the rules to make it guaranteed streamable).

29790 [xslt30] Sample stylesheet for xml-to-json conversion uses a reserved namespace
     Reclassified as editorial - Bug left open until the revised
      version is tested.

     In process.

29819 [XSLT30] (editorial) Core functions
     People were asked to review G.1 (when the draft containing that
  text becomes available).
     Work in progress.

29827 [XSLT 3.0] Error XTDE0045 revisited
     More discussion related to invocation.

29889 [xslt30] Add clarifications on stylesheet invocation options
     More discussion related to invocation.

29977  [XSLT30] Error text for XTSE3080 got corrupted during textual fix

§§ Editorial problem fixed by MK after the meeting.

29978   [XSLT30] Update error XTSE0120 and XTSE0130 for packages (xsl:package) and xsl:transform        Sat 10:22

§§ Editorial correction applied by MK after the meeting.

29979   [XSLT30] Imposing limits on the priority attribute

§§ DECIDED WONTFIX. Bug has been closed after the meeting.

29980   [XSLT30] XTSE0760 uses informal argumentation in its description

ACCEPTED. Editorial correction applied by MK after the meeting, no further action needed.

29981   required="no" on additional tunnel parameters of overriding template

§§ Proposal for resolution added to Bugzilla after the meeting.

29982   [XSLT30] What is this Note, comparing tunnel params with variables in functional languages referring to?

§§ Sharon suggests setting some context to the statement: making it clear that the note is intended for those interested in the computer science theory/history.

§§ Since the meeting, MK has proposed new wording for the WG to review, it can be found both in Bugzilla and in the spec itself.

29983   [XSLT30] Scanning expressions and function calls

§§ MK was asked to try and improve the explanation of scanning expressions. Since the meeting, new text has been written, which can be found in Bugzilla comment #3 and in the spec itself. Abel has commented on the proposed text in Bugzilla comment #4.

29984   [XSLT30] Lessen the restraint on required raising of XTSE3430 for constructs not guaranteed streamable per our rules

29988   [XSLT30] Function available-system-properties and its returned value

ACCEPTED, The editor was actioned to clarify the text. This has been done after the meeting.

29990   [XSLT30] result documents in temporary trees and in patterns as a result of fn:transform calls

29996 – EQName definition in RelaxNG is too loose.

§§ MK asked, is there any reason for this to differ from the XSD schema?
§§ Abel: yes, in XSD we can rely on inheritance from a base class
§§ ACTION on Charles to fix it as proposed in comment #1 and mark it fixed.

§§ ACTION-2016-11-10-003 Charles Foster to fix the RNG schema as proposed in bug 29996. (This has been done after the meeting, the follow up action is for MK to copy the changes into the spec.)
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