Action item status

I have done these action items:

ACTION A-633-03 Jonathan Robie to open a new bug on the
classification of functions and terminology for that classification.
Status: Pending; ETA not specified.


ACTION A-633-04: Jonathan Robie to reword section Evaluating
Static and Dynamic Function Calls of XQuery (and the corresponding
function of XPath) to address Abel Braaksma's observations that (a)
5.b.iv is ill-worded since not every nonlocal variable binding will
necessarily be supplied as an actual parameter, and (b) the parameter
bindings supplied by the partial application should not be commingled
forever with the nonlocal variable bindings.
Status: Pending; ETA not specified.

See the checked in internal draft.  I also did my best to simplify this description.

Josh did this one:

ACTION A-629-02: Jonathan Robie to apply the clarification from the
comment 12 of bug 29346 to the spec.
Status: Pending; ETA 2016-03-01

The following are outstanding - please give me 7 days on them.

ACTION A-629-04: Jonathan Robie to fix bug 29362 by referring to the
definition of op:same-key in F&O
Status: Pending; ETA 2016-03-01

ACTION A-630-06: jonathan to check the wordin to make validate {} an error
[bug 29370]
Status: Pending; ETA 2016-03-01

ACTION A-631-02: Jonathan Robie to make the changes in XPath 3.1 as
suggested by Michael Dyck in Bug 29382
Status: Pending; ETA 2016-03-01


Received on Tuesday, 1 March 2016 16:00:28 UTC