Re: Minutes XML Query/XSL WG Joint Teleconference #650 Agenda 2016-07-19

>> ACTION A-647-01 Michael Kay to close bug 
>> and resolve, by 
>> updating the spec in alignment with his comments #15 and #16. 
>> Status: Pending; ETA 2016-07-19 
> Mike:  I think that I have done it but have not published.  I think this is the case but I need to confirm it. 
> ETA 2016-07-26


This bug concerned the width modifier of the format-date family of functions.

I have made the changes, and have committed a new F+O draft containing them.

This has involved some significant re-arrangement of the spec for the date formatting functions, so I would be grateful if someone else checks it.

Michael Kay

Received on Thursday, 21 July 2016 22:29:05 UTC