completed action A-649-03 (resolve Bug 29702 re differences in EBNF)

> Bug 29702 - [XP31] Production rules in the text not unambiguous as
> a result of missing annotations
> Action 649-03: mdyck to resolve Bug 29702 at his discretion.

I resolved the bug by carrying out the changes proposed in points #1 and 
#2 of comment #0 of the bug.

That is, I changed the qtspecs/style/grammar2spec.xsl stylesheet so that 
production annotations appear in the doc body the same as in Appendix A, 
and I removed the paragraph from A.1:
     To increase readability, the EBNF in the main body of this document
     omits some of these notational features. This appendix is the
     normative version of the EBNF.

(There were no other EBNF notational features omitted in the doc body.)


(1) Although corresponding productions in the body and appendix now look 
the same, there are still a few differences between the body EBNF and 
appendix EBNF:
  -- In the body, some productions appear more than once (in different
  -- There are a few (low-level) productions that appear in appendix A
     but not the body.
  -- The productions are in different orders, obviously.
  -- The presence and targets of hyperlinks are different.

(2) Section 1 still has a sentence saying "The appendix is the normative 


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