Re: completed A-627-02: "clarify what the text means"

Here's a timeline of some events I turned up while researching my
previous message.

    I commit rev 1.243 of expressions.xml, merging sections
       Evaluating Function Calls and Dynamic Function Invocation
       Evaluating Partial Function Applications
    restructuring them into
       Evaluating Static and Dynamic Function Calls
    in roughly its current form.

    That rewrite includes the current text of the "If" paragraph, but the
    bullet paragraph is just:
       F's implementation is invoked with the converted argument values.

    Michael Kay opens Bug 15912
    ([XP3] Function items based on collation-dependent functions):
       "I propose that we should remove the ban on forming function items
       from context-dependent system functions in the case where the only
       dependency is on the static context."

    Meeting #500 discusses the bug in agenda item J4.4.2.
       DECIDED to resolve bug 15912 by splitting the category of functions
       that are context-dependent into two (static-context-dependent and
       dynamic-context-dependent), and permitting use of those that are
       only static-context-dependent in function item literals and
       dynamic function calls.

    Action A-503-04: Ghislain starts a discussion of how specifically to
    implement that decision.

    Action A-504-07: To resolve 15912, Ghislain proposes (among other
    - in the Data Model:
         an implementation-dependent function implementation [...] is
         optionally associated with both a static and a dynamic context
    - in the bullet paragraph:
         F's implementation is invoked with the converted argument values
         and with respect to the contexts it is associated with in F.
         If it is not associated with any contexts, it is invoked with
         respect to SC and DC.

    Meeting #505 discuss Bug 15912 under agenda item J4.4.1.
       Accepted. The editors will update the spec based on Ghislain's
       message, reflecting comments that have been made during the

    Bug 15912 is marked resolved.

    Jonathan Robie commits rev 1.285 of expressions.xml to resolve 15912,
    in which (among other things) the bullet paragraph is changed to its
    current wording.


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