F+O 3.1 - status report

Status report on F+O 3.1 spec

Technical content: up to date with all agreed changes, to the best of my knowledge.


* Both Overview.html and Overview-diff.html pass W3C HTML5 validation.

* I've done a lot of work to adapt the styling (tables, notes, examples) to the new house-style and I think it's looking good.

* There are a couple of problems with overlong lines in examples that I might still address. (And one in a function proforma, op:multiply-dayTimeDuration-by-dayTimeDuration).

Link checking:

* The only broken links are to the final resting places of the published material


* A few minor issues outstanding (3 errors), mainly relating to the status section.

The document category has not yet been updated to PR and the status section needs to reflect this.

Namespace documents:

Have been generated, but need checking.

Michael Kay

Received on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 11:43:13 UTC