completed action A-640-02a: require space after colon in specs

> ACTION A-640-02a: Mdyck to implemented proposal in the appendix A of the
> XPath and XQuery specs as described in 2b. See:

I've committed this change to the spec source. It'll show up in the rendered 
docs next time Jonathan commits a build.

Specifically, I said that one or more 'symbol separators' are required when 
the colon of a MapConstructorEntry is followed by a QName, an NCName, or "*".

By the way, I've changed the title of Bug 29501 from
     [xp31] Colon is not in the list of non-terminal symbols
     [xp31] syntactic problems around the colon of a MapConstructorEntry
since the former hasn't correctly reflected the concern of the bug for about 
2 months.


Received on Monday, 25 April 2016 22:05:05 UTC