deprecate Test Suite 1.0

If the response to bugs in the 1.0 Test Suite is "that's fixed in the
3.0 Test Suite", then presumably we should put a warning on TS 1.0,
saying that it's not maintained and that, for testing an XQuery 1.0
processor, TS 3.0 is better than TS 1.0.

(Note that still links to TS
1.0. It also says that TS 3.0 "is for people implementing XQuery 3,
XPath 3, Functions and Operators 3 and related specifications", which
suggests (by omission) that it isn't useful for people implementing
XQuery 1.0, when in fact it's now *more* useful for that purpose than
TS 1.0.)


Received on Tuesday, 12 April 2016 15:29:41 UTC