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technical notes from XSLT WG call 2016-04-07

From: C. M. Sperberg-McQueen <cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2016 11:51:55 -0600
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The XSL WG met for 90 minutes on Thursday, 07 April 2016.

Much of the call was devoted to administrative and planning issues.
The following notes reflect the discussion of technical issues during
the call.

> 1 Roll call - Need manual roll call

  Sharon Adler (chair)
  Anders Berglund 
  Carine Bournez (W3C Staff)
  Abel Braaksma 
  Luis Ibhiabor (University of Oxford)
  Michael Kay 
  Michael Sperberg-McQueen 
  Norman Walsh (MarkLogic)

Regrets from Charles Foster.

> 2 Assign minute-taker - volunteers?

MSM took these minutes.

> 7. Spec bugs

>   10 Open Bugs as of 6 April 2016 - 6:00pm EDT

> 29558   [xslt30] Incorrect namespace for JSON   Tue 10:07 


> 29550   [XSLT30] typo in Note in 3.11.1 Locating Stylesheet Modules     Fri 
> 13:41 
>         Editorial - no discussion necessary 

> 29513   [XSL30] Definition of "potentially consuming" in Glossary not 
> complete  Thu 21:58 
>         Editorial - no discussion necessary 

This is technical editorial work; no discussion needed.

> 29507   [xslt30] A problem case for streamed grouping   2016-03-10 

We discussed the issue.

There was some discussion of whether there is a problem here or not:
since the nodes in $extra and the nodes in /BOOKLIST/BOOKS/ITEM will
be in different documents; the expression ($extra,
/BOOKLIST/BOOKS/ITEM) does not need to sort them, since the order of
documents is implementation-varying.  But 



need to be in the same order. (There was some uncertainty whether both
of these can in fact occur in the same stylesheet, but two expressions
each of which involve nodes from the same two streaming and
non-streaming documents can occur.)

MSM asked why the comma operator should be interpreted as returning
things in document order; here, the key is that the expression using
the comma operator is striding.  

After discussion, we agreed to accept the proposal in comment 3.

RESOLVED: to resolve bug 29507 by accepting the proposal in comment 3.

At this point, the time for the call expired and we adjourned.

C. M. Sperberg-McQueen
Black Mesa Technologies LLC
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