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ACTION A-626-04: Done

From: Robie, Jonathan <jonathan.robie@emc.com>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2015 15:18:12 +0000
To: Public Joint XSLT XQuery XPath <public-xsl-query@w3.org>
Message-ID: <41539B7FA57A2A4A9FB00AB9F32882337634124B@MX104CL01.corp.emc.com>
Done in internal working draft.


ACTION A-626-04: JRobie to add 'switch' to the list of expressions in
section 2.3.4 Errors and Optimization which must not raise a dynamic
error in respect of subexpressions occurring in a branch that is not
selected, and must not return the value delivered by a branch unless
that branch is selected.  ALSO add a note to clarify that in "if
(condition) then 'z' else error()" z cannot be returned without
evaluating the condition.  Bug 29320 - [XQ31] Switch expressions
should have same error semantics as typeswitch.
Received on Tuesday, 15 December 2015 15:18:56 UTC

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