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Minutes: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Telcon 1st July 2008

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Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 16:49:39 +0100
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minutes from today's call are now available here:


and copied below:

                                                             - DRAFT -

                                  XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group Teleconference

01 Jul 2008


   See also: IRC log


          Jon Callaine (BT)
          George Cowe (Origo Services Limited)
          Paul Downey (BT)
          Yves Lafon (W3C)




     * Topics
     * Summary of Action Items

   minutes from 2008-4-22 teleconference, 2008-4-08 teleconference, 2008-3-25 teleconference


   Microsoft comments are really aimed at testing (and CR) and can be handled using comments we prepared for them in their
   last last call comments

   pauld: So we're ready for CR! What is required to publish?

   pauld: we need to formally answer Last Call comments

   yves: we've two for this round: Noah and from Microsoft

   pauld: I believe we've processed both as a working group, will reply to these formally and informally to the previous Last
   Call comments

   pauld: ... so we should work on rebuilding examples and patterns

   george: will commit patterns

   yves: will rebuild

   pauld: how much more work do we need to do for a note?

   yves: publish notes as late as possible, given republication is tricky

   pauld: we should republish as a working draft, with status section

   yves: we should flag up the change of intent in the status section

   yves: the detection service is using the live XSLTservice

   george: annotation isn't being carried forward

   pauld: so you guys can investigate?

   pauld: ... and do we intend to rerun the report?

   george: hopefully no need!

   george: I added a bunch of patterns, have they been reviewed?

   pauld: looking now. My main concern would be if any of these are fired by a basic example

   george: pretty sure they're not

   pauld: our detector should fire if there's a breakage on the patterns/examples pages
   ... I still have an action to list 'tools' which use the specification

   george: our members use a local copy of the detection service

   yves: will be absent next week

   george: will on holiday!

   pauld: ok two weeks it is!
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