Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Telcon 12 September 2006

agenda+ Meeting Administrivia

   - roll call
   - select scribe
   - approval of minutes:

   - agenda review

   - up and coming F2F meetings

agenda+ Issues and Action Items

agenda+ Status of Deliverables

    Working Draft document:

    - Roadmap document
    - Basic XML Schema patterns for Databinding
    - (Advanced XML Schema patterns for Databinding)
    - Test Suite
    - Identification of Patterns

agenda+ ISSUE-2: test suite

    news from PaulD on our practical testing,
    support for third party testing

agenda+ ISSUE-12: identifying a conformant schema
agenda+ ISSUE-65: Overlapping Patterns

    news from George on ant scripting / 
    status of running patterns.xml on examples.xml?

agenda+ ISSUE-10: Mapping Element and Type names

    proposed text from JonC:

    PaulD's proposal:

agenda+ ISSUE-47: simpleType with attributes collection

   example required?

agenda+ ISSUE-48: collection with local elements defined by reference

    is this a separate issue?

agenda+ ISSUE-60: collection with local attributes defined by reference
agenda+ ISSUE-68: global attributes (CLOSED)

    do we need to reopen ISSUE-68, we have ISSUE-60?
    comments by Pete Cordel:
agenda+ ISSUE-67: using xsi:type to assert Type Substitution

    anything from JonC?

agenda+ ISSUE-57: xs:include pattern

    new examples from George

agenda+ ISSUE-15: Null datatype pattern as used by ASN.1 and others

agenda+ Planning on Moving to Last Call

    what remains to be done before we can publish a Last Call working draft
    of our Basic Patterns document?

agenda+ Any Other Business

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