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RE: ISSUE-89: block/final attributes on global elements

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Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 18:09:09 -0000
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I guess I'd have to ask why not for complexType as well?

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Subject: ISSUE-89: block/final attributes on global elements

ISSUE-89: block/final attributes on global elements


Raised by: Jonathan Calladine
On product: Basic

Proposed Basic Pattern:

  <xs:element name="foo" final="#all" block="#all"/>

following on from previous issues in this area I think the above stand a good 
chance for inclusion in the basic patterns as they restrict the advanced 
patterns exploiting substitition groups and at worst will just be ignored by 

Question is do we extend this to the other valid values e.g.

block="restriction extension substitution"
final="restriction extension"



local elements can also be blocked this way

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