Validator tool

Hi all,
I've looked into the possibility of creating a pattern validator for
the working group tool set. My initial plan was to go with a regular
expression based approach but Paul (pauld) adviced me to look at the
possibility of using XSLT. It seemed valueble advice indeed and I've
done a small sample for you guys to evaluate.
First let me explain the approach.

   1. The base of the tool is an XSL style sheet that generates an XML
version of a report. The report is of a very simple format having
<report/> root element and <info/> and <warning/> items and can be
rendered using a CSS, another XSL or just used in the raw form.
   2. The base style sheet has different templates that matches
different patterns. When the validator needs to be extended, it can be
added extra templates (either in the stylesheet or as an include).

As a preview I've hosted the tool in my Apache space. I tried to do a
quick and dirty ajax javascript thingy for parsing xsls but
unfortunatley couldn't get it to a working level yet.Until then the
xsl is at
(or just takes
you to my unfinished page that has a link to the xsl)

All are welcome to comment
Ajith Ranabahu

PS - Please note that this is work in progress. For the time being I
would like all of you to comment on the approach of this validation

Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2006 15:30:33 UTC