Agenda: XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Telcon 28 March 2006

agenda+ Meeting Administrivia

   - roll call
   - select scribe
   - approve minutes:

   - participation news

   - up and coming F2F Meetings

    suggestion of 4-5 May (Nice/London)

   - agenda review

agenda+ Issues and Action Items

agenda+ Status of Deliverables

    Some editing in hand, hope to have a checked 
    in ahead of the call:

    - Roadmap document
    - Basic XML Schema patterns for Databinding
    - (Advanced XML Schema patterns for Databinding)
    - Test Suite
    - Identification of Patterns (ISSUE-12)

agenda+ ISSUE-7: xsi:nil and minOccurs=0

    Proposal from Jon:

agenda+ ISSUE-3: Mapping Simple Numeric Types with Infinite Value Space

    Proposal from pauld:

agenda+ ISSUE-10: Mapping Element and Type names

    Awaiting a proposal from pauld

agenda+ ISSUE-26: qualified local elements and attributes

    New issue from pauld

agenda+ ISSUE-27: targetNamespace and Chameleon schemas

    New issue from pauld

agenda+ ISSUE-28: what to do if the programming language does not fully support a data structure

    New issue, split from ISSUE-1

agenda+ ISSUE-29: what to do with what to do with uncommon data structures in programming languages

   New issue, split from ISSUE-1

agenda+ ISSUE-30: a more distinct list of datatypes covered

   New issue, split from ISSUE-1

agenda+ Any Other Business

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