ACTION-24: Cite list of similar styles of specification

to try and move our editorial blockage, I said I'd look into
other specifications whose style might be, er, inspiring.  

I suggest the following have something to offer:

The W3C Webarch document applies "Principles", "Constraints", 
and "Good Practice" notes to existing specifications:

The WS-I profiles add "clarifications, refinements, 
interpretations and amplifications of [-] specifications which 
promote interoperability":

and X694 lists schema patterns:

Looking at our current document, I'm now not so keen on explicitly
enumerating our 'issues', especially when the issue often explains 
why a pattern isn't in the Basic patterns document. 

So I suggest renaming them 'Design Considerations', meaning
we don't list problems, just highlight and offer advice regarding
'areas of concern' when using our patterns.

I'm not sure how we can advise "Good Practice" in Basic patterns
except when targeting implementers of schema processing tools.


Received on Monday, 27 March 2006 16:53:11 UTC