ISSUE-68: import patterns

ACTION-58 required me to propose patterns for xs:import:

   <pattern xml:id="Import" status="basic" origin="ISSUE-39">
      <xpath>xs:import[@namespace and not(@schemaLocation)]</xpath>

   <pattern xml:id="ImportNamespace" status="basic" origin="ISSUE-39">
      <xpath>xs:import[@namespace @and schemaLocation]</xpath>

and now we have:

   <pattern xml:id="ImportSchemaNamespace" status="@@@@" origin="ISSUE-68">
      <xpath>xs:import[@namespace = '']</xpath>

tools don't seem to barf on this construct, so maybe it's OK as "basic"
however it's not someting we should encourage - I suggest adding some 
design consideration text:

"Importing the namespace for XML Schema itself is unnecessary and may 
cause problems with strict XML Schema processors."

My preference is to make this an advanced pattern.


Received on Thursday, 24 August 2006 15:41:50 UTC