Chartering update


the XML Security Specifications Maintenance Working Group has been
discussing the proposed charter some more, and made a few
refinements since its face to face.  The current text is here:

One of the more significant changes is to allow changes to XML
Encryption as part of the charter. The intent is to allow changes to
XML Encryption to enable it to be compatible to changes introduced
with XML Signature. One concern is to limit the working group scope
appropriately, thus there isn't clear consensus that this is an
appropriate change.

An additional question is whether we should charter requirements and
changes to XML Encryption beyond changes needed for consistency with
XML Signature. An example is whether there is a need and interest to
work on support for elliptic curve cryptography in XML Encryption.
In chartering terms, the decision would probably be whether there
needs to be a separate requirements task for XML Encryption and
optional XML Encryption deliverable, or whether the focus is on XML

This would be a useful time to indicate interest in these kinds of
work items -- either to this list, in public, or (if you prefer to
keep that information member-confidential) in e-mail to us, copied


Frederick Hirsch, Nokia <>
Thomas Roessler, W3C  <>

Received on Tuesday, 8 January 2008 16:23:56 UTC