[Bug 13606] reZ006i.i '\c' and different NameChar productions


--- Comment #4 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> 2011-10-24 11:37:53 UTC ---
The rules for name characters are the same in XML 1.0 5th edition and XML 1.1
2nd edition; we require an XSD processor to support XML 1.0 5e or later, or XML
1.1 2e or later; therefore I think every XSD 1.1 processor (at least until the
XML rules change again) must support the same set of characters for \i and \c.
(The question of what an XSD 1.0 processor supports is not addressed here...)

I propose to create new versions of the instance documents valid.c.xml,
valid.i.xml, invalid.c.xml, and invalid.i.xml that reflect the character
classifications in XML 1.0 5th edition (by moving some characters from the
invalid instance to the valid instance). I then propose to change the test
metadata so that use of these instances becomes mandatory for an XSD 1.1

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