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I would like further discussion of this. says: Note: It is legal for Attribute Uses that refer to xsi:
attributes to specify default or fixed value constraints (e.g. in a component
corresponding to a schema document construct of the form <xs:attribute
ref="xsi:type" default="xs:integer"/>), but the practice is not recommended;
including such attribute uses will tend to mislead readers of the schema
document, because the attribute uses would have no effect; see Element Locally
Valid (Complex Type) (§ and Attribute Default Value (§ for

Unfortunately neither of the linked sections explains why the attribute use has
no effect: would another citation be more useful? 

While the xsi:type may play no role in determining the governing type of the
element, I believe it needs to be a valid QName. The test was attempting to
determine what happens if it isn't. does say: Note: When a default value of type QName or NOTATION is
applied, it is ·implementation-dependent· whether ·namespace fixup· occurs; if
it does not, the prefix used in the lexical representation (in [normalized
value] or [schema normalized value]) will not necessarily map to the namespace
name of the value (in [schema actual value]). To reduce problems and confusion,
users may prefer to ensure that the required namespace information item is
present in the input info set.

which suggests that a processor can either reject this attribute as invalid on
the grounds that the prefix is undeclared, or it can perform mixup to declare
the attribute. I would be grateful to know if the WG agrees with this analysis.

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