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[Bug 11178] [saxonica] Validity status wrongly specified in an instance test

[Bug 11897] Invalid particle restriction in all237

[Bug 11898] Duplicate entry in wildcard test set with wrong validity

[Bug 12014] New: ID and IDREF appearing in complex type with simple content

[Bug 12129] New: [IBM] test defaultAttributesApply: s3_4_2_4ii06

[Bug 12130] New: [IBM] test ECDwildcard s3_8_6v01

[Bug 12139] New: [IBM] TypeAlternative test s3_12ii06

[Bug 12143] New: [IBM] ID_IDREF tests s3_3_4v15 and s3_3_4v21

[Bug 12189] New: [Oracle] Zone405

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