Re: moving the test suite?

> (8) Some of us will need to learn to use Mercurial.
> >And in the early days, you will be tempted, I know you will, to give up on Mercurial and go back to Subversion, because it will be strange, like living in a foreign country,
I've been there. We spent a week trying to make Mercurial work for us, 
and gave up. Not for any of the reasons Spolsky gives - we gave up 
because we weren't able to get anything done; we were making changes and 
losing them. I'm sure he's right that there's an aha! moment when it all 
suddenly clicks, but if there's no-one to lead you by the hand it can be 
pretty painful.

Michael Kay

Received on Tuesday, 19 October 2010 21:40:46 UTC