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[Bug 4010] Regex tests using a{,2}

[Bug 4053] DataTypes tests: QName009

[Bug 4056] elemT026 - illegal xsi:type

[Bug 4060] IdentityConstraint test idH031 - complex type with simple content

[Bug 4065] stZ073b - deriving from a restricted union

[Bug 4071] particlesZ026 - duplicate attributes

[Bug 4078] addB156 - schemaLocation after first use of namespace

[Bug 4145] MS Element tests: regex problems

[Bug 4146] MS Element tests: elemZ026

[Bug 4148] SUN tests: dependency on float/double formatting

[Bug 4227] Element Tests: Invalid type derivation

[Bug 4229] Schema: Importing with empty schemaLocation

[Bug 4680] Microsoft Element test elemZ027_c

[Bug 4681] Microsoft Errata10 test errF001

[Bug 4920] IdentityConstraint tests: valid xpath combinations no accepted

[Bug 4952] Sequence:Sequence Restriction (Recurse)

[Bug 4957] SimpleType: stE110

[Bug 6215] --02-- not a valid gMonth value (ST_facets00119m)

[Bug 6446] wrong result for IDREFS_length006_395 and NMTOKENS_length006_438

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