[Bug 4147] MS Particles tests: particlesV020


------- Comment #1 from zafara@microsoft.com  2007-01-24 18:31 -------
Actually you have to wrap the derived element particle in a <choice> group
itself to check a valid restriction as per Elt:All/Choice/Sequence --
RecurseAsIfGroup. So it comes down the question if 

<element name="bar" type="x:c2" maxOccurs="2"/>

is a valid restriction of:

<choice maxOccurs="3">
  <element name="SUB" type="x:c1"/>
  <element name="bar" type="x:c2"/>

which is clearly is not as the bar in the derived type is not a valid
restriction of the one in the base type as it fails occurence range check.

Received on Wednesday, 24 January 2007 18:32:05 UTC