from February 2007 by subject

[Bug 4067] ctG001: type subsumption and processContents

[Bug 4071] particlesZ026 - duplicate attributes

[Bug 4075] particlesZ036 - tests fallback from implementation-defined limits

[Bug 4076] addB049: key with wider scope than keyref

[Bug 4124] MS additional tests: inline schema

[Bug 4131] Microsoft "schema" test set, schAn

[Bug 4132] Microsoft "schema" test set, schD8

[Bug 4135] Microsoft "schema" test set, schU1 (circular redefines)

[Bug 4136] Microsoft "schema" test set, schU3 (duplicate definitions)

[Bug 4137] Microsoft "schema" test set, schZ012_a

[Bug 4143] Microsoft Particles test particlesIg003

[Bug 4227] Element Tests: Invalid type derivation

[Bug 4228] Additional Tests: Unresolved reference to attribute

[Bug 4229] Schema: Importing with empty schemaLocation

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