Re: xsts-2002-01-16 - msxsdtest - complexType - errors

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Kasimier Buchcik writes:

> potential errors in the TS xsts-2002-01-16 - msxsdtest:
> Section: complexType
> ctA014, ctA015, ctA023, ctA024 (all schemata)
> ctA029, ctC003, ctF003 (all schemata)
> ctF006 (schema)

All of these have had their expected values changed as you suggested
in the forthcoming revised contribution from Microsoft.

> A question about ctL021.v:
> I currently use the first <schemaTest> information of each
> <testGroup> to get hold of the main schema document for the
> instances; i.e. I _avoid_ using xsi-driven schema assembling.
> The instance document of "ctL021.v" specifies 2 schema
> documents via xsi, the second not being mentioned in the
> testGroup "ctL021", so there's seems no way around xsi here.
> Is this intended?
> I would be nice to have the opportunity to _not_ need
> xsi-driven schema assembling. The best (for me) would be to
> <import> the second schema in the first one, so that there's
> always only one main schema. Could we go this way?

This has not been changed, and although I sympathise, it seems to me
this is actually testing multiple schema locs, and thus really can't
be changed in the way you suggest w/o reducing the utility of the

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