RE: Relaunched and expanded XML Schema Test Collection

Your analysis for running the tests is right on target.

For further information regarding the use of the test suite,
including reporting errors and, if you are so inclined,
reporting results, see the Test Suite Framework Document:

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On Fri, May 20, 2005 at 10:02:01PM +0100, Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> The W3C XML Schema homepage [1] now includes references to a 
> relaunched XML Schema Test Collection in the Resources section [2].
> This version consists restructured and expanded metadata for the tests 
> from the original collection, as well as additional tests from NIST 
> for the W3C XML Schema second edition.
> ht
> [1]
> [2]

  Do I understand correctly that the new test suite only tests datatypes
i.e. the part 2 of XML Schemas and does not really cover part 1 ? 
  I grepped all test files to find ":all" for examples and didn't got any
hit related to the xsd:all construct.

  While more testing for schemas part 2 is always welcome, I think it was
already relatively well covered, and what we desesperately need is coverage
from part 1 which is where interoperability and understanding of the
specification is really problematic. Maybe I missed something in the tests
but currently I see only Datatypes and Metadata subdir in the Tests
directory which seems to confirm the lack of tests for the Structure part.
So did I really missed something ? What are the plans for tests of the
Structure part, currently this relaunched version seems to have abandonned a
large part of what the previous test suite was testing, to me it is an
addition but cannot act as a replacement as far as I can guess.

  I didn't find a readme to get started, could you confirm that my analysis
of the content below is correct:

I see 3 files in Metadata which are not html output an may be used as
starting point:
     AnnotatedTSSchema.xsd: this seems to be a schemas to validate the
                            test suite definition
     NISTXMLSchemaDatatypes.testSet: this seems to be the definition of
                            the test suite data, it seems to define
			    19217 instances of tests, each of them
			    pointing to a given file in the Datatypes
     W3C-XML-Schema-1_0.suite: no content except stating
                            "It is "pre-production" and is not an official
			     publication of the W3C" and a pointer to
All the test files are under Datatypes, the hierarchy is classified by type,

and the test files points to the schemas they need to be validated against 
using xsi:schemaLocation pointing to an XSD file in the same directory.

Expected processing would then to open NISTXMLSchemaDatatypes.testSet and
walk all the tree, processing each instanceTest individually by doing an
independant validation of the file being pointed to (based on the
xsi:schemaLocation) and comparing the output to the <expected> validity
boolean value (valid or invalid) at a file level.



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