Re: Thinking about port set expressions and block expressions

Yes, this is the point that I was trying make a long while ago. Using $variable and $port in the same sentence gets confusing.

I have recently encountered a pair of Unicode characters that we might consider employing to denote a port: ⸨⸩
 ⸨ U+2E28 #11816
 ⸩ U+2E29 #11817

Just a thought.

Having three senses of [ … ] gets confusing too, as Henry has pointed out.

Not having -> would be confusing too. Cognitive clues mitigate against obfuscation.

>> I'm not sure we want to automatically surface readable port names as
>> variables.  I think there would be a lot of room for collision with
>> user-defined variables.  If you want to refer to $secondary, then we
>> need a specialize syntax (e.g., Murray's suggestion of @secondary).
> Ah, yes, that’s a good point. So @secondary or port("secondary").
> I think that’s right.
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