On 2015-09-28 15:51, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Liam Quin <> writes:

> It appears that it'll just be Alex and I. You can cancel the space if
> it saves money. We can meet somewhere informally, I suppose.

I'll be there too but couldn't register as I'll also be in other 

I've asked if we can have space with a projector for at least one day, 
so that a document review would be feasible.

Can we have - even if it's in a bar somewhere - a discussion of 
practical steps to improve adoption of XProc? How can we get some more 
realistic tutorials, ones between Removing a Splinter and brain Surgery 
:), and how can we get to a less painful development process for users, 
when the people on the critical path are so busy? Who to involve?


Liam Quin, W3C
XML Activity Lead;
Digital publishing; HTML Accessibility

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