ACTION A-267-02: Norm to make sure that the case of casting...

With respect to my action

   ACTION A-267-02: Norm to make sure that the case of casting
   multipart to single part is covered; Alex believes that binaries
   are base64 encoded in multipart documents (so that the boundary
   isn't borked)

I believe the answer is "no". According to RFC 2045:

   6.1.  Content-Transfer-Encoding Syntax

   The Content-Transfer-Encoding field's value is a single token
   specifying the type of encoding, as enumerated below.  Formally:

     encoding := "Content-Transfer-Encoding" ":" mechanism

     mechanism := "7bit" / "8bit" / "binary" /
                  "quoted-printable" / "base64" /
                  ietf-token / x-token


   The Content-Transfer-Encoding values "7bit", "8bit", and "binary"
   all mean that the identity (i.e. NO) encoding transformation has
   been performed.

Obviously if the binary includes the boundary, you better encode it,
but if you know it doesn't you can just send the bits.

I propose that XProc should make it an error to attempt to override
any multipart/* content type.

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Received on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 14:58:18 UTC